Quality and food safety policy

The management of Quickchef, S.A.U. is committed to managing the quality of the processes through the involvement of all levels of the organization involvement of all levels of the organization. The management establishes quality and food safety and food safety objectives, monitors and communicates the results internally and externally.

The quality and food safety policy defined by the management is based on:  

– Satisfying the needs of our customers by monitoring and assessing complaints and 

meeting the specifications agreed with them.  

– Continuous improvement in the quality and safety of our products on the basis of our studies and in compliance with current legislation and in compliance with current legislation. 

– To guarantee the innocuousness of all our products, this being a priority for our company. 

– Consumer protection by providing the market with safe products according to the food safety system of Hazard Analysis and system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) implemented, reviewed and validated by the company. 

– To guarantee compliance with the legal requirements that affect our activities, especially those aimed at ensuring traceability and traceability of our products those aimed at ensuring the traceability and hygienic and sanitary conditions of our products. 

– To ensure the immediate withdrawal and non-consumption of products that could pose a risk to our customers, with the formation of a Crisis Committee to analyse, diagnose and resolve the problem detected. 

– Maintain our ethical and personal responsibility by providing our employees with the necessary resources.  

– Promote a food culture among all the company’s staff. 

– Provide resources and improve processes with appropriate and justified investments. 

– Train and empower our employees to be managers in their workplace and to be motivated to develop good quality practices. 

– Raising awareness and motivation of the Company’s staff on the importance of implementation, development and improvement of a Food Safety System. 

– Establish objectives, through action programmes, to guarantee the quality and safety of our products and ensure the satisfaction of our customers. 

– Establish communication mechanisms with all actors, suppliers, customers and administration. 


Quickchef, S.A.U. undertakes to develop, as far as possible, gluten-free products to meet the needs of people affected by gluten to satisfy the needs of people affected by celiac disease and/or gluten intolerance or allergy intolerance or allergy to gluten. The organization is also committed to avoiding the unintentional presence of traces of  lupins and sesame in its products, limiting the presence of sesame only in those references that contain it as an ingredient references that contain sesame as an ingredient and that could not be replaced by any alternative ingredient. 

In order to fulfil this commitment, the organization has implemented an Allergen Control Plan and has trained and control plan and has adequately trained and educated the staff handling the products. The quality and food safety policy of Quickchef, S.A.U. will remain at all times at the disposal of the company’s personnel, and will be made available to the staff of Quickchef, S.A.U. at all times available at all times to company personnel, customers, suppliers and any other interested parties. The top management of Quickchef, S.A.U. shall provide, in the necessary and sufficient quantities and in the required sufficient amounts, and with the opportunity required in each specific case, all the resources and means of any nature that may be necessary for the good nature that are necessary to carry out the Food Safety and Quality Policy in the terms foreseen. It shall also provide the organization with the tools and techniques that the situation requires. 

Jonatan Laguna
Industrial Director
Reus, August 14th 2017

Below you can read and download the certificates related to our Quality and Food Safety Policy:

IQNet Food Safety Management System

AENOR, Certificado del Sistema de Gestión de la Seguridad Alimentaria

AENOR, Certificado del Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad

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