Cod with sanfaina

Cod, tomato sauce, onion, diced green pepper, diced red pepper, fried eggplant, fried zucchini, virgin olive oil, salt, ground black pepper and ground bay leaf.

The indicated price is for 4 uds.x2kg.
Ref. 8436035142446
144.62 (IVA incl.)

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Caramelized onions

Onion, asugar and olive oil. Frozen product.

8 units x 1kg
Ref. 8436035147854
85.58 (IVA incl.)

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Black rice base

Onion, cuttlefish, tomato dices, white wine and squid ink. Frozen product.

Ref. 8436035147830
89.33 (IVA incl.)

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Vegetable base

Pork belly, pork ribs, chorizo, red pepper, onion and oil. Frozen product.

Ref. 8436035149810
101.52 (IVA incl.)

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Meat paella base

Pork ribs, onion, peas, red and green pepper, tomato and oil. Frozen product.

Ref. 8436035148318
95.11 (IVA incl.)

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Seafood paella base

Squid, octopus, cuttlefish, onion, peas, red pepper, tomato and oil. Frozen product.

4 uts. x 2,5kg.
Ref. 8436035146116
91.79 (IVA incl.)

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Mixed paella base

Pork ribs, squid, chicken, peas, onion, red and green pepper, tomato and oil. Frozen product.

4uts. x 2,5kg.
Ref. 8436035141418
90.42 (IVA incl.)

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Fennel sauce

Onion, celery, fennel, fish stock, garlic and spices. Frozen product.

8 uts. x 1kg.
Ref. 8436035144068
54.12 (IVA incl.)

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Coconut and curry sauce

Coconut milk, onion, red pepper, curry and coriander. Frozen product.

8 uts. x1kg.
Ref. 8436035143993
62.13 (IVA incl.)

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Spring sauce

Onion, green pepper, fish stock, almonds, sherry, mint, garlic and parsley. Frozen product.

Ref. 8436035144051
54.47 (IVA incl.)

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Clams and garlic sauce

Green asparagus, clams, onion, spring garlic, fish stock, dry sherry and spices. Frozen product.

Ref. 8436035143986
69.00 (IVA incl.)

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Biscayne sauce

Tomato sauce, onion, pepper, wine, garlic and parsley. Frozen product.

Ref. 8436035144044
51.49 (IVA incl.)

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