We specialise in providing catering solutions for the tourist industry, with extensive knowledge of the specific requirements of this type of establishment and relative clientele tastes. To that end, we have an extensive catalogue that includes a wide range of flavours from around the world, international recipes that tourists know well and request as an essential part of ensuring the best experience possible during their stay.


We develop and improve our recipes, seeking expert advice on each type of cuisine to be able to offer quality products that satisfy the most cosmopolitan of tastes. From curries and noodles to the most popular Tex-Mex recipes, our catalogue offers any establishment an excellent selection of show-stopping dishes, without the worry of preparing unusual recipes containing ingredients that are often hard to find. The Indian dish, Tikka Masala, is a best-seller in British cuisine and is one of our most popular and well-known products, appealing to clients and consumers alike.

A cuisine characterised by spices, intense aromas and the most amazing flavours, increasingly popular around the world.

Thai cuisine is characterised by attention to detail, featuring unique combinations of ingredients, colours, textures and flavours.

Chinese cuisine has travelled the world with its people, making its recipes, techniques and flavours popular everywhere.

Mexican cuisine is born out of the fusion of indigenous traditions with techniques and ingredients from around the world.

British cuisine has reinvented itself and forms part of the most widespread tourism selection, from breakfast through to dinner.

Russian cuisine reflects the history of the largest country in the world, with flavoursome soups and stews steeped in tradition.

A selection of recipes from a multitude of places to amaze and satisfy the most demanding of palate, no matter where from.

What do we do?

Quickchef offers an extensive catalogue of 5th Range solutions for catering services, particularly for hotels and restaurants in the tourist sector.

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What is the 5th Range?

The most comfortable and safest solution for catering thanks to a production process that is still based on home cooking but incorporates the newest technologies in the field of gastronomy.

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