Quickchef is eco-friendly

Quickchef is committed to sustainability in all our offerings and processes. Discover how we contribute to reduce the environmental impact of conventional cooking:

Our supply is responsible

We choose quality raw materials, with a preference for ingredients of organic origin and locally produced.

We reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint

We have implemented natural refrigerants with less atmospheric heating in our facilities and replaced the light points with LED systems.

Our cleaning processes are environmentally friendly

We have reduced the amounts of water, energy and chemicals we use in our cleaning operations and minimized consumption by improving facility design and production planning.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable

Our dishes are packaged in recycled polypropylene trays that are completely recyclable after their usage.

We contribute to reduce food waste

We have implemented a waste control system, increasing the shelf life of food, and we adapt our offer to the tastes and needs of our customers to avoid surpluses and food waste.

¿Qué hacemos?

Ofrecemos un amplio catálogo de soluciones de 5ª gama para la restauración, especialmente para hoteles y restaurantes en el sector turístico.

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¿Qué es la 5ª Gama?

La solución más cómoda y segura para la restauración gracias a un proceso de producción que se sigue basando en la cocina casera pero incorpora las más nuevas tecnologías en el campo de la gastronomía.

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