Quickchef celebrates two decades revolutionizing food with 5th range products

Quickchef, a leading company in the food industry, has reached its 20th year providing solutions to address the current challenges posed by the hospitality world. Specializing in 5th range products, pre-cooked or semi-prepared items that come packaged and are ready to be consumed after a quick regeneration process. This category of food and its production process offer advantages in covering needs such as optimizing kitchen processes, professionalizing staff, and controlling the increasingly high expenses related to energy, time, and raw materials.

Founded in 2003 and with an annual production of over 600,000 kg of food, the company has obtained four certifications highlighting its quality, safety, and ecological awareness. It offers a diverse catalog: salads, vacuum-cooked meat pieces, fish, sauces, traditional recipes, ethnic dishes, and vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options to adapt to the demands and needs of users. Quickchef is located in Reus, in modern facilities covering 3,600 square meters equipped with the latest technology.

The 5th range, increasingly popular, is characterized by the fact that the food is prepared and ready to be consumed, no preservatives have been added, and it maintains its original properties, nutrients, and flavor. To achieve this, both traditional production methods and more modern techniques like pasteurization and low-temperature cooking are employed. Through this line of business, Quickchef finds solutions to the problems and challenges derived from the current context of the hospitality sector, which is becoming more competitive and requires adapting to customer expectations for unique and personalized culinary experiences. It enables more efficient kitchen work through the optimization of management and the maintenance of qualified staff, while also enhancing the quality control of its products, ensuring stability and consistency so they are presented in the same way with identical characteristics in the hotels and restaurants where they are distributed.

Another advantage is directly related to food safety and thorough allergen control, especially now that there is increasing pressure to meet high quality standards. In addition to reducing waste, it also greatly helps to reduce energy expenses and those related to raw materials, making more productive use of time and resources.

In this regard, hotels have achieved a 25% energy savings and a 20% reduction in personnel expenses thanks to the 5th range foods from the Catalan company. All of this leads to a satisfying experience to retain customers and gain reputation in an increasingly competitive market.

Simplifying the procurement process by allowing products to be stored for extended periods without losing quality, and the possibility of combining these foods with local products as a strategy to offer safe yet authentic dishes, are additional advantages.

Anna Codina, a strategic consultant working with Quickchef, explains that “in the current context, the hospitality sector faces many challenges to meet customer demands without losing competitiveness. The 5th range and the advantages it offers in terms of optimizing expenses, as well as the quality and safety guarantees it provides, is the perfect solution to address these needs.”